Collective Intelligence 2020

Thurs, June 18 - Fri, June 19, 2020 Northeastern University Boston, MA, USA

Posted: 2020-01-17

Future Week at Lund University 14–20 October 2019  
Posted: 2019-10-11

IntelliSummit 2020! April 1-3, Stockholm.  
Posted: 2019-10-04

IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (IEEE ICTMOD) 2020

We are pleased to inform you that we organize the 2020 edition of IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (IEEE ICTMOD), to be held in Marrakech, Morocco on November 25, 26 & 27, 2020. IEEE ICTMOD 2020 is co-organized by CIEMS and IEEE TEMS.  
Posted: 2019-10-01

ICI 2020 Bad Nauheim May 11-14: Collective Intelligence  
Posted: 2019-06-27 More...

SIIE 2019

The SIIE int. conference at is in progress in the context of the multiconference OCTA 2019 :  
Posted: 2019-06-17

Seminar Brussels March 5th 2019 (in french)  
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JISIB Classified by Finnish Publication Forum


JISIB received Classification level 1


Posted: 2018-10-27

ICI Conference 2019 in Luxembourg May 7-10


Abstract submission and registration is now open

March 7, 2019 – Abstract submission deadline.

March 17, 2019 – Feedback / Notification of acceptance.

April 7, 2019 – Submission deadline for full papers.

Send to JISIB at

Posted: 2018-09-03 More...

For a list of all BI conference for 2018 go to  
Posted: 2017-12-08

IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (IEEE ICTMOD) 2018

CFP : IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (IEEE ICTMOD), November 21, 22 & 23, 2018, Marrakech, Morocco  
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SIIE 2017

From the organizers: "the SIIE 2017 is postponed to 2018." From orgnizers 2019-06-17: "this conference was not cancelled but it was built in a multiconference context in 2017 (http: //siie2017.loria.en /) May 11th. , 12th. & 13th., 2017 in Al-Hoceima (Morocco)."
Posted: 2017-04-21

5 free tickets for Intelligence Conference in Stockholm

Dear Colleagues,

If anyone are interested in the conference April 26-27th in Stockholm I have 5 free tickets to give away today

B e s t

Posted: 2017-03-31

9th ICI Conference: Competitive and Market Intelligence


May 9-12, Amsterdam. For more info


Posted: 2017-03-20

Nordic Intelligence Day 2017

26-27 april, 2017, Summit Hitech Building Hötorget, Stockholm. 

Welcome to the 3rd annual conference on Market, Competitive, and Business Intelligence in Scandinavia!

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Universita di Corsica - Symposium pluridisciplinaire - Interdisciplinary Symposium - July 5-6-7 2017 - 5-6-7 Juillet 2017


Today the world is facing different problems such as water access, weather change, population growth, food, etc. which, to be solved need interdisciplinary work. 

Posted: 2016-09-24 More...

7th International Conference on Informations System and Economic Intelligence (SIIE 2017)  
Posted: 2016-06-19 More...

10th European Conference on Information Systems Management ECISM 2016


Location: Évora, Portugal
Dates: 8th Sep 2016 to 9th Sep 2016


Posted: 2016-03-26

13th International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning ICICKM 2016


Location: Ithaca, New York, USA

Dates: 14th Oct 2016 to 15th Oct 2016


Mini Tracks:

Intellectual Capital Management and Finance

Knowledge Management Maturity:  Challenges and Opportunities

The Economics of Knowledge Sharing

Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Knowledge Management

Posted: 2016-03-26

CICI and SCIP 2016


MARCH 30-31, 2016| Mercure Shanghai Royalton Hotel | Shanghai, China

For more info see!agenda/c41

Posted: 2016-03-17

SIIE ̓ 2017 7th. edition of the International Conference Information Systems and Economic Intelligence

February 16, 17 & 18th., 2017, Marrakech, Morocco  
Posted: 2016-02-20 More...

2016 Southern African Knowledge Management Summit  
Posted: 2016-02-01

8th International Competitive Intelligence Conference


The 8th International Competitive Intelligence Conference will be held in Bad Nauheim April 20-21 2016.

For more info see

Posted: 2015-06-05

GIA Conference Amsterdam, June 1-3, 2015



For more info see

Posted: 2015-03-30

SAIMS 2015 August 30 - Sept 1


The Southern African Institute of Management Scientists (SAIMS) in conjunction with The School of Management Studies at the University of Cape Town

For more infromastion see

Posted: 2014-12-08

GIA Conference Chicago, October 27-29, 2014


The conference is entitoled "Intelligence with Impact" and is basically directed towards practitioners. For More info see, or video at

Posted: 2014-09-02

the Association Information & Management Annual Conference (AIM 2015)


The Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management Center (CIEMS) organizes the Association Information & Management Annual Conference (AIM 2015) that will be held at INPT, Rabat, Morocco, on May 20-22, 2015. For more info see

Posted: 2014-08-27

7th International Competitive Intelligence Conference



Posted: 2014-06-21 More...

6th edition of the International Conference Information Systems and Economic Intelligence


February 12-14th. 2015 in Hammamet (Tunisia), Conferences & Tutorials

Posted: 2014-06-21 More...



Organized by the FRES –   University of Corsica, Fédération de Recherche Environnement et Sociéte, CNRS – UMR 3041 . Under the patronage of. The CTC (Corsica Territorial Community)

Posted: 2013-11-10 More...

ECIS 2013, Nov 15, Belgium

La 5ème édition du Symposium Européen d'Intelligence Economique (European Competitive Intelligence Symposium, ECIS 2013)  
Posted: 2013-11-10 More...

ICIC Conference 2014, April 9-10


Conference on Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence, Bad Nauheim Germany

Posted: 2013-08-28 More...

1 st Annual South African Conference on Strategic and Competitive Intelligence

The theme: “Organisational Intelligence and Knowledge” to be held at the CSIR Convention Centre, Pretoria, South Africa on 11-13 November 2013.  
Posted: 2013-04-17 More...

International Competitive Intelligence Conference


Prague 16-17 April.

Posted: 2013-04-17 More...

"Stevan Dedijer lectures on Economic Intelligence"

"Stevan Dedijer lectures on Economic Intelligence", Paris University (Marne la vallee), Tuesday April 2, 10-12 and 14-16:00. To attend contact Axe nr 3,  
Posted: 2013-03-28

ITICTI 2012 and ECIS 2012 in China


ECIS 2012 in Chengdu, China “Competitive Intelligence in the onlineworld” 1-2 November, 2012.

Posted: 2012-07-11 More...

OGC 2012, Rabat Morocco


The events that have marked 2011, from the Arab Spring revolutions to the different collapses in the financial markets in the western world and the Euro Debt Crisis in Europe, have all in common the issue of Governance.

Posted: 2012-06-01

The 8th International Conference on Knowledge Management 4-6 September 2012


Rethinking Knowledge Management: Foresight in the 21st Century


Posted: 2012-02-12 More...

May 24-25 Ajaccio, VSST 2012


The third Seminar on Scientific and Technological Strategic Intelligence, VSST'12. May 24 & 25, Ajaccio, France.


Posted: 2012-01-12

ACIC-2012, March 06


Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management (AICISM), Amity University, invites research Papers for the Amity Competitive Intelligence Conference – 2012 to be held at its campus in Noida, India on March 06, 2012.

Posted: 2012-01-11 More...

The INOSA conference in Berlin / Germany, June 6–8


Data-driven Competitive Intelligence

  • Competitor Mining
  • Competitor Relationship Mining
  • Competitor Profiling
  • Open Data for Competitive Intelligence
  • Real-time Competitive Intelligence
Posted: 2012-01-11 More...

Symposium 2012 Chengdu, Sichuan


Preliminary notice: There will be an ECIS Symposium Nov 1-3 2012 at NIMI in Chengdu, Sichuan. Information will follow at

Posted: 2011-12-10

Conference on Information Systems and its Applications 2012

Preliminary notice: There will be a second Conference on Information Systems and its Applications On Corsica May 10 and 11, 2012. More information to come.  
Posted: 2011-12-10

13th European Conference Knowledge Management, Cartagena, Spain – 6-7 September 2012

This call for papers and full details about the conference can be found online at:  
Posted: 2011-12-02 More...

4th CI Conference, March 27th-30th, 2012, Bad Nauheim, Germany


International Competitive Intelligence Conference.

Oct 15th, 2011: Submission deadline for 4th International Competitive Intelligence conference approaching!

The Institute for Competitive Intelligence ( is looking for proposals from competitive intelligence professionals, business development professionals, market researchers and strategy professionals, in addition to all others involved in the competitive intelligence discipline.

Posted: 2011-10-07 More...

Conference on Information Systems and its Applications

Veille Scientifique Technique et Concurrentielle, Intelligence Economique, Innovation 
Le 30 SEPTEMBRE 2011 
Palais des Congrès, Ajaccio. 
Posted: 2011-09-30 More...

Competitive Intelligence Network project (CIN) Conference

In partnership with the Assembly of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ACFCI). Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) holds the first International Conference of Competitive Intelligence on the topic: Competitive Intelligence:Innovation and Competitiveness Strategies. Ouagadougou 2000 Centre of International Conferences. Dates: September 12th & 13th 2011  
Posted: 2011-09-02 More...

SIIE 2012 Conference


Best 10 papers from SIIE 2012 will be invited to publish in JISIB. Note deadline for papers is Nov 6 2011

More info to come on website.

Posted: 2011-08-19

IATTO Conference


IATTO 2011 Forum - A global meeting place for trade professionals

2011 IATTO Forum: Chengdu, China 1-4 November 
"Accelerating Growth"

The IATTO Board is pleased to confirm the 2011 IATTO forum will be held in Chengdu, China on 1-4 November. This is the official site for the forum, and further details of the forum will be posted here. Please see the Call for Presentors link on the right side for information about submitting a presentation proposal. Here are preliminary details of the forum.


Posted: 2011-08-06 More...

Journal is now open for Submissions

It is a pleasure to welcome you to submit articles to JISIB. JISIB is the result of more than 2 years of consolidation work between a number of academic and professional conference networks related to Intelligence Studies.  
Posted: 2011-06-16 More...
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