ACIC-2012, March 06

Conference Topics

Papers should broadly address one of the conference sub-themes listed below or a related area. Academicians and practitioners are encouraged to contribute new ideas, concepts, applications and case studies for discussion in the conference.


  • Evolution and Application of Competitive Intelligence in Emerging Economies.
  • Best Practices in Competitive Intelligence.
  • A Strategic Approach to Competitive Intelligence.
  • Bridging the Gap between Competitive Intelligence and Corporate Strategy.
  • Competitive Benchmarking and Tactical Analysis.
  • Using Social Media for Competitive Intelligence.
  • Scenario Planning: The Link between Future and Strategy.
  • Business Intelligence and Competitive Technical Intelligence.
  • Competitive Intelligence and Marketing Strategy Formulation.
  • Knowledge Management as a Tool of Effective Competitive Intelligence.
  • Competitive Intelligence Blindspots and other Barriers, towards adding Strategic Value.
  • Competition Analysis and War-Gaming for Effective Strategy Making.
  • Building a Competitive Intelligence Function in an Organization.
  • Bottom Line Competitive Intelligence: Increasing Competitive Intelligence Return on Investment.
  • Competitive Intelligence and Pricing.
  • Leveraging Sales Knowledge into Actionable Intelligence.
  • Deploying Competitive Intelligence for Strong Long-Term Brand Positioning.