ACIC-2012, March 06

Conference TopicsPapers should broadly address one of the conference sub-themes listed below or a related area. Academicians and practitioners are encouraged to contribute new ideas, concepts, applications and case studies for discussion in the conference.Sub-themes:Evolution and Application of Competitive Intelligence in Emerging Economies.Best Practices in Competitive Intelligence.A Strategic Approach to Competitive Intelligence.Bridging the Gap between Competitive Intelligence and Corporate Strategy.Competitive Benchmarking and Tactical Analysis.Using Social Media for Competitive Intelligence.Scenario Planning: The Link between Future and Strategy.Business Intelligence and Competitive Technical Intelligence.Competitive Intelligence and Marketing Strategy Formulation.Knowledge Management as a Tool of Effective Competitive Intelligence.Competitive Intelligence Blindspots and other Barriers, towards adding Strategic Value.Competition Analysis and War-Gaming for Effective Strategy Making.Building a Competitive Intelligence Function in an Organization.Bottom Line Competitive Intelligence: Increasing Competitive Intelligence Return on Investment.Competitive Intelligence and Pricing.Leveraging Sales Knowledge into Actionable Intelligence.Deploying Competitive Intelligence for Strong Long-Term Brand Positioning.