Papers should fall within any of the following topics:


1. Overview of International Competitive Applications and their link to innovation

2. Public and private partnerships the link between universities and enterprises

3. Bibliometrics Indicators, brakes and levers

4. Geopolitics implication of Competitive Intelligence

5. Cloud computing, big data their implication in the information management and     security

6. The Impact of Human Bias in Competitive Intelligence

7. Use of Intellectual Property to protect and increase innovation

8. Competitive Intelligence and Market Communication

9.  Global analysis and bibliometrics tools

10.  Global environments study, translation, languages and perception

11 mechanism of the creation of actionable knowledge in the context of CI





Information sciences and its geopolitics Implications


Papers Submission

The submission consists into 2 pages: First page with the title of paper, the authors and affiliation and keywords and second page with a summary of the paper (1 page max.) -  see below the writing indications.

Papers should be written according the following rules

First page:  Significant title (times new roman 14) names of the authors, address, email, abstracts (English and French), keywords (English and French) (times new roman 10)

Text: names of the paragraph (times roman 12, bold), text (times new roman 10)

ff, L., & Example

XIE, X. Z., WANG, Q., & Chen, A. Q. (2012). Analysis of competition in Chinese automobile industry based on an opinion and sentiment mining system. Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business JISIB, 2(1), 41-50.


The best papers will be selected for further publication in a Scientific Journal present in the AERES list. In this case the English language is recommended.


Important dates



June  30 -  2013 - Submission deadline

The papers will be analyzed  by double blind referees

September - 2 - 2013 – Notification


For paper accepted or accepted with modification or refused

October 2 -  2013 – Full text of the papers written according the .above recommendations





Information sciences and its geopolitics Implications


Scientific Committee 

Professor Christian BOURRET, DICEN- CNAM, Frace

Professor Tibor BRAUN, Editor of Scientometrics, Hungaria

 Professor Jean COSTA, UMR CNRS 6134 SPE, Université de Corse, France

Professor AMOS DAVID, DICEN – CNAM, France

Professor Henri Jean-Marie DOU, University Professor, ATELIS fBS - France Business School, Tours, France

Professor Bernard DOUSSET, Toulouse University, France

Professor Pere ESCORSA, School of Industrial Engineering of Terrassa, Politechnical University of Catalonia, Spain

Jacky KISTER - Directeur de Recherche CNRS, Laboratoire METICA, AMU, France


Dr Gilda Massari Coehlo, Consultoria e Desenvolvimento de Recursos Humanos em  Inteligência Competitiva, Informação e Prospecção Tecnológica, Brazil

Professor Marie Antoinette MAUPERTUIS, UMR CNRS 6240 LISA , Université de Corse, France

Professor Qihao MIAO, Professor Emeritus, Shanghai, China

Professor Nicolas MOINET, IEP Poitiers, France

Professor Georges MORACCHINI, UMR CNRS 6240 LISA,  Université de Corse, France

Professor Alan PORTER, Georgia Tech, USA

Professor Luc QUONIAM, Laboratoire PARAGRAPHE, Université Paris 8, France


Professor Jean-François SANTUCCI, UMR CNRS 6134 SPE, Université de Corse, France

Professor Jean-Yves SAULQUIN, fBS France Business School, Tours, France

Porfessor Klauss Solberg, Halmstad University, Sweden

Professor Xinzhou XIE, Beijing Science and Technology Information Institute, China




Information sciences and its geopolitics Implications


Organizing Committee

Emmanuelle de GENTILI, MCF, UMR CNRS 6134 SPE, Université Corse

Elisabeth  SCARBONCHI, MCF, UMR CNRS 6134 SPE, Université de Corse

Johann ALBERTINI, FR CNRS 3041, Université de Corse,

Sylvia FLORE, Université de Corse

Dominique GRANDJEAN, Université de Corse


For more detail information write to

Elisabeth Scarbonchi :



Two days symposium :

80€   students

150€  university members

200€  industrialists


One day symposium

50€ students

100€ university members

150€ Industrialists


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