6th edition of the International Conference Information Systems and Economic Intelligence

Description:The conference “SIIE” aims to develop the dialogue between experts and researchers from public and private sectors, to acquire basic and experimental on Information Systems (IS) and Economic Intelligence (EI) (or Competitive Intelligence in English acceptance and terminology). This promotes, in a risk environment, technologies related to economic intelligence. The dynamic of EI depends on the control of knowledge and requires competences to design the best strategies and ensure that decision-makers take the right decisions. The international conference SIIE will be held in its sixth (6th.) edition in Hammamet (Tunisia) in February 2015, after the fifth successful editions. This edition is sponsored by the Universities of Maghreb and Europe countries, and by IEEE-Tunisia section (in progress). Since 2008, the five preceding editions have allowed academic researchers and economic actors to achieve completed projects. The goal of SIIE is to continue in this way by creating opportunities, ideas and innovative ways to enhance projects, and build connections between universities and industries on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. SIIE'2015 includes lectures, tutorials, sessions and panels by experts, to identify new approaches and knowledge in economic intelligence, applied research and feedback. This will allow the emergence of new clusters in competitive intelligence. Within a convivial and comfortable framework, as Tunisia knows so well how to offer such a framework, the SIIE conference has always been thought to promote the weaving of trust networks between actors in academia, industry and politics, thus contributing to the training of the SIIE scientific community. The expert recommendations and advices will help the SIIE community to find solutions to their many questions and problems.For more info seehttp://siie.loria.fr/SIIE_2015_(EN)_v2F.pdf