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JISIB is a peer-reviewed, no-fee Open Access Journal. The journal publishes articles on topics including market intelligence, marketing intelligence, strategic intelligence, business intelligence, competitive intelligence, collective intelligence and scientific and technical intelligence, and their equivalent terms in other languages. These include “l’information stratégique et de la sécurité économiques” (Sisse) [previously “intelligence économique"] and “veille” in France, “omvärldsanalys” in Sweden and “Konkurrenz-/Wettbewerbsforschung” in Germany. The journal has a managerial focus as well as an applied technical focus (information systems), as these are now well-integrated into real life business intelligence solutions. By focusing on business applications the journal does not compete directly with journals that focus on library sciences or state/national/military intelligence studies. The journal only publishes articles on knowledge management and knowledge transfer in exceptional cases, as these are well developed areas with their own journals.

JISIB occupies a niche. It currently caters to a group of scholars made up of over 400 active individuals spread around the world. It is supported by an estimated 5,000 practitioners and caters to specific conferences (ICIECIS, SIIE, VSST, SCIP, ITICTI, EBRF, ECKM, AIM) where both academics and practitioners meet regularly. These conferences produce over 300 articles annually, of which over 40 are potentially full-length, scientific articles. JISIB publishes three issues a year made up of between five and seven articles and 55+ pages.

To strengthen the ties between business intelligence researchers and practitioners, an independent management board of practitioners has been created for the journal.

Those interested in posting research topics and discuss the journal can do so at the JISIB Linkedin Group. Another place to discuss topics related to the fields covered by JISIB is at the Competitive Intelligence group at Ning, which caters to more than 2,500 members.

There are many portals for Intelligence Studies which can be accessed in any language with Google Translate. These include BI DIGITAL (in Swedish), World-Class CI (in English), China CIR (in Chinese), Intelcollab (in English) and CI Worldwide (in French). Other journals with a similar scope include the South African Journal of Information Management and Revista Inteligência Competitiva

Thanks to all who are making this journal possible and have shown such patience!


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Founding Editors

     Prof. Henri Dou (France), Goupe ESCEM

     Prof. Per Jenster (China), NIMI

Honorary Editors

     Prof. John E. Prescott (USA), University of Pittsburgh

     Prof. Bernard Dousset (France), Toulouse University


     Dr. Klaus Solberg Søilen (Sweden), Halmstad University

Regional Associated Editors


     Prof. G. Scott Erickson (USA), Ithaca College


     Christophe Bisson (France/Turkey), Kadir Has University


     Prof. Xie Xinzhou (China), Beijing University


     Prof. Adeline Du Toit (South Africa), University of Johannesburg

Editorial Advisory Board:

     Regional editors +

     Prof. Svend Hollensen, University of South Denmark (Denmark)

     Prof. Göran Svensson, Markedshøyskolen (Norway)

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For a list of all BI conference for 2018 go to  
Posted: 2017-12-08

IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (IEEE ICTMOD) 2018

CFP : IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (IEEE ICTMOD), November 21, 22 & 23, 2018, Marrakech, Morocco  
Posted: 2017-11-30 More...

SIIE 2017 cancelled!

From the organizers: "the SIIE 2017 is postponed to 2018."
Posted: 2017-04-21

5 free tickets for Intelligence Conference in Stockholm

Dear Colleagues,

If anyone are interested in the conference April 26-27th in Stockholm I have 5 free tickets to give away today

B e s t

Posted: 2017-03-31

9th ICI Conference: Competitive and Market Intelligence


May 9-12, Amsterdam. For more info


Posted: 2017-03-20

Nordic Intelligence Day 2017

26-27 april, 2017, Summit Hitech Building Hötorget, Stockholm. 

Welcome to the 3rd annual conference on Market, Competitive, and Business Intelligence in Scandinavia!

Posted: 2017-01-12 More...

Universita di Corsica - Symposium pluridisciplinaire - Interdisciplinary Symposium - July 5-6-7 2017 - 5-6-7 Juillet 2017


Today the world is facing different problems such as water access, weather change, population growth, food, etc. which, to be solved need interdisciplinary work. 

Posted: 2016-09-24 More...

7th International Conference on Informations System and Economic Intelligence (SIIE 2017)  
Posted: 2016-06-19 More...

10th European Conference on Information Systems Management ECISM 2016


Location: Évora, Portugal
Dates: 8th Sep 2016 to 9th Sep 2016


Posted: 2016-03-26

13th International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning ICICKM 2016


Location: Ithaca, New York, USA

Dates: 14th Oct 2016 to 15th Oct 2016


Mini Tracks:

Intellectual Capital Management and Finance

Knowledge Management Maturity:  Challenges and Opportunities

The Economics of Knowledge Sharing

Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Knowledge Management

Posted: 2016-03-26
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Vol 7, No 3 (2017): Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business

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Salah Rezaie, Seyed Javad Mirabedini, Ataollah Abtahi
Christophe Bisson, Furkan Gurpinar
Saud Sultan Al Rashdi, Smitha Sunil Kumaran Nair
Klaus Solberg Søilen, Gerson Tontini, Ulf Aagerup

Editorial Note

Klaus Solberg Söilen

Opinion Section

Jonathan Calof, Greg Richards, Paul Santilli