A SEM-Artificial Neural Network Analysis to Examine the Role of Strategic Foresight on Organizational Success


  • Sawsan A. Alshaer The World Islamic Sciences & Education University, Jordan




Strategic Foresight, Organizational Success, Scenario Planning, Future Vision, Environmental Scanning, Strategic Choice


Purpose - This study develops a research framework to examine the role of strategic foresight on organizational success at Jordanian financial services companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange.Design/ Methodology /Approach – This study targeted the most important Jordanian financial services companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange, (171) questionnaires were retrieved, and responses were analyzed using descriptive statistics, and SMART PLS & SEM-ANN method.Finding – The findings indicated that three out of four dimensions of strategic foresight significantly impact organizational success, which are scenario planning, future vision, and environmental scanning. In contrast, the strategic choice did not have any significant impact on organizational success, and this was confirmed by testing the ANN model.


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