Patents used by NPE as an Open Information System in Web 2.0 – Two mini case studies


  • Abdelkader Baaziz Aix-Marseille University, France
  • Luc Quoniam University of Sud Toulon Var, France



The Information Systems around patents are complex, their study coupled with a creative vision of “out of the box”, overcomes the strict basic functions of the patent. We have, on several occasions, guiding research around the patent solely-based on information, since the writing of new patents; invalidation of existing patents, the creation of value-added information and their links to other Information Systems. The traditional R&D based on heavy investments is one type of technology transfer. But, patent information is also, another powerful tool of technology transfer, innovation and creativity. Indeed, conduct research on the patent, from an academic viewpoint, although not always focusing only on financial revenue, can be considered as a form of “Non Practicing Entities” (NPE) activity, called rightly or wrongly “Patent Trolls”.  We'll see why the term “patent troll” for this activity is controversial and inappropriate. The research we will describe in this paper falls within this context. We show two case studies of efficient use of patent information in Emerging countries, the first concern the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil and the second, the oil industry in Algeria.




Opinion Section