Integrating science and technology metrics into a competitive technology intelligence methodology


  • Marisela Rodriguez-Salvador
  • Pedro F. Castillo-Valdez



Competitive intelligence, competitive technology intelligence, patentometrics, science and technology metrics, scientometrics


For years, the appropriate interpretation and application of metrics have enabledscientists to assess science and technology dynamics. Consequently, diverse disciplines haveemerged, such as bibliometrics, scientometrics and patentometrics, offering importanttheoretical and methodological contributions. However, the current accelerated technologicaladvances require researchers to implement a superior approach to detect continuous changesin the external environment identifying opportunities and vulnerabilities to strengthen thedecision-making process regarding R&D and innovation. In this context, competitive technologyintelligence (CTI) offers a strategic approach based on a continuous cycle where information istransformed into an actionable result. This research provides a broader scope to science andtechnology metrics, incorporating them into a CTI global methodology of eight steps. Metricsadd value throughout the entire CTI process, from project planning to decision-making stages,having the most significant role in the information analysis stage, mainly to process informationfrom sources such as scientific documents, patents, and social networks. Particularly, thisapproach considers recent studies in CTI in which quantitative tools such as patentometricsand scientometrics were successfully used. This proposal can be applied to predict upcomingtechnologies, movements of competitors, disrupting activities, market changes, and futuretrends. Accordingly, this research adds value to the assessment of science and technologydynamics, aiming to improve the decision-making process of R&D and innovation.


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