Interpreting, analyzing and distributing information: A big data framework for competitive intelligence


  • Eduardo Luis Casarotto
  • Guilherme Cunha Malafaia
  • Marta Pagán Martínez
  • Erlaine Binotto



Big data, competitive intelligence, technological innovation


This paper aimed to develop a data-based technological innovation frameworkfocused on the competitive intelligence process. Technological innovations increasinglytransform the behavior of societies, affecting all sectors. Solutions such as cloud computing, theInternet of Things, and artificial intelligence provide and benefit from a vast generation of data:large data sets called Big Data. The use of new technologies in all sectors increases in the faceof such innovation and technological mechanisms of management. We advocated that the use ofBig Data and the competitive intelligence process could help generate or maintain a competitiveadvantage for organizations. We based the proposition of our framework on the concepts of BigData and competitive intelligence. Our proposal is a theoretical framework for use in thecollection, treatment, and distribution of information directed to strategic decision-makers. Itssystematized architecture allows the integration of processes that generate information fordecision making.


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