The Role of Marketing Intelligence in Improving the Efficiency of the Organization: An Empirical Study on Jordanian Hypermarkets




marketing intelligence, market research, competition intelligence, consumer intelligence, marketing analytics, product intelligence, organizational efficiency, Hypermarkets, Jordan


In today's competitive business environment, marketing intelligence plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency of organizations in hypermarkets in Jordan. The purpose of this study is to explore the role of marketing intelligence in improving the efficiency of hypermarkets in Jordan. The paper discussed the concept of marketing intelligence, the importance of marketing intelligence in hypermarkets, the benefits of marketing intelligence, and the challenges that hypermarkets may face while using marketing intelligence. The study conducted on a convenience sample consisting of 256 respondents showed that there is an impact of market research, competition intelligence, and consumer intelligence as the main dimensions of marketing intelligence on the efficiency of hypermarkets in Jordan. While there was no effect of the dimensions of marketing analytics and product intelligence on the efficiency of hypermarkets in Jordan. The study also provided a set of important recommendations for the companies surveyed.


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