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New skills reappear in FIFA 18 hack coins. Bad leg, definition, quality shot, far shot, volley, precision, power, accuracy of fouls and powerful head. Having all the header features will cost about 11 skill points.





We continue to have the same skills. Rhythm and acceleration . Having all the RITMO features will cost 22 skill points.





We will have news on some features. Stops, stretched, reflexes, draw with long hand, flat beating and placement . In addition, within this same article, we will tell you something important for goalkeepers.



These are all the news that gives us the section of player traits. Now we want to comment on another change, the possibility of editing three types of player.


From what we have been able to know, it is now possible to configure your player in 3 different positions. Reading this you can say that it is not something remarkable, but we have proven that the player changes its attributes without needing to leave the lobby, so surely those long waits of the partner who had to leave and enter to change traits. Example: FIFA 18 coins points free


PLAYER CONFIGURED 1: Center forward, 1'89 high with all pitching features set.

PLAYER CONFIGURED 2: Left ends, 1'78 in height with all traits of dribble put.

PLAYER CONFIGURED 3: Central defense, 1'95 in height with all defense features in place.




Another of the innovations that we have been able to appreciate is the FUNCTIONS tab in the lobby menu. From there we will be able to select the throwers of plays to stationary ball without having to do it in each action during the course of the match in FIFA 18 ultimate team cheats.


Finally, it should be added that in FIFA18 it will be possible to have two "personalized" matches to choose from. In FIFA17 only let us use one if it was personalized.





If we focus on the gameplay there are several highlights compared to DEMO. The triggers seem to be somewhat more effective, in the final part of this article we will leave you a video where you can see. The moves come to fruition, it seems that those movements worthy of the Matrix in which a player went from 100 to 0 in a tenth of a second seems to be over. Losing control of the ball is now much easier and the sudden movements are not rewarded. The first impression when playing makes us think that the touch will have more weight than the speed in the game.


The porters can breathe a little. It seems that the handling of the goalkeeper has improved and although it is still quite difficult to occupy that position, it is no longer an impossible mission.


Defender is still more complicated than attacking, but not as much as it seemed in DEMO.


As the latest news we want to communicate that the 2-meter forwards are over. In FIFA18 the maximum height will be 1.98 with 113kg. If you choose to create a very big player, keep in mind that your speed will be very hurting not exceeding 70 rhythm.


There is very little left for FIFA18 hack ultimate team to be available, the countdown has begun.

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