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Bio Statement Great Gift Ideas For Photographers Great Gift Ideas For Photographers Listed here are a thirty reward concepts for photographers. The steered value vary can also be listed. 1. Portable Reflectors. A photographer can't have too many gentle modifiers. Reflectors come in so many sizes and configurations. Snoop round to see what they have and choose a mannequin they do not have. Many of these fold up into tiny circumstances. Or consider shopping for a reflector holder for one they already own. 2. Chips and extra chips. Not the potato form - the memory card sort. Find out what format their cameras take - Compact Flash, Smart Media, whatever, and buy a couple extra. They are very cheap to buy in large capacities. Pop out one from their digital camera or chip carrier and observe the maker and model, and try to purchase the same or bigger memory capability. 3. Portable Hard Drive / Image Tank. These battery-operated units are pocket-sized and will copy the photographs from a camera chip and save a duplicate on the arduous drive. A few of them also have a nice preview screen and Tv output so you possibly can benefit from the photos as a slide show. They act as a tough drive when plugged right into a laptop. They are excellent for on-location pictures or lengthy holidays where you don't have your laptop with you. In case your photographer has a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera, then pick their brain about lenses they've and need. That is one area the place photographers are very picky, so might need to go as far as having them describe the precise make and mannequin. If you wish to go "all out", get them to inform you about their dream lens - it's the one which they really need, (but probably don't want), and won't buy for themselves. 5. Filters for lenses. There are a variety of filters or modifiers that can be put on lenses. You'll want to know what size lens (measured in millimeters), and what they have or need. A pair concepts are: a circular polarizer (which reduces glare and deepens sky colours), shut-up lenses (to enlarge and get close to small stuff), and impartial-density filters (which cut back gentle in some or all the picture). 6. Monopod and swivel. A monopod is like a walking follow a thread on the top. It's an important stand-in for a tripod when you can't use it. Better even, get a swivel head for the top of the monopod and your photographer can rotate the camera from horizontal to vertical and nonetheless get the benefits of the stability of a monopod. 7. Inexpensive waterproof level and shoot digital digital camera. No matter their predominant model, having a small pocket-sized waterproof digital camera is great for on a regular basis use, scouting locations, and the spontaneous shoot opportunities. These cameras have nice resolution and make nice photographs; some even shoot video. Waterproof means you can swim with it, shoot in the rain, and depart it in your sweaty pants pocket all day. 8. Subscription to on-line pictures forum or coaching. There are some great pay sites on the web. DIgital Wedding Forum is tailored to new professionals in addition to seasoned wedding and portrait photographers. Web Photo School is nice for learning the fundamentals of images and modifying. Find one which matches their interests they usually may have hours of online learning and enjoyment. 9. Subscription to pictures journal. There are a lot of good magazines out there. You may want to contemplate going to a superb book retailer and choosing up one copy of a number of totally different magazines with a observe connected that you'll purchase a subscription to their favourite one. That approach they get to check out many publications and you'll make certain that they'll really benefit from the subscription. 11. Photo Sharing Gift Certificate. If they already use a favorite on-line site or native lab, get them a gift card or certificate. Otherwise, try the perfect stores and sites and choose one to load up a starter account or gift card. 12. Make a product from their work. My wife as soon as made me a calendar from some of my images and that i loved it.formal lab report template