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Much of the plant life on Ascension Island was destroyed, either by humans directly destroying its habitat or through the introduction of invasive animal species such as goats, sheeps, rabbits and rats that were brought in by Portuguese explorers and ate much of it.

But for the plants on Green Mountian, life was also strongly affected by the introduction of outside plant species to the area by British botanist looking to change the soils and climate. As of 2003, the parsley fern is considered extinct outside of the preservation area.

Man, I've said it before, leave it up to the goats to always be causing (goat braying) trouble. Number three is the Parrot's Beak. Found only in the Canary Islands, the lotus bertheloti, also known as Parrot's Beak, Coral gem and lotus vine flower is a perennial flower that is cultivated for its ornamental look.

The species has leaves that are divided into three to five leaflets, each of which are one centimeter to two centimeters long and covered in tiny hairs that appear silver in color. Covered in tiny hairs, huh? Hmm, I might belong to this species.

The flowers range in color from orange-red to bright red and are shaped like a pea flower. Many consider the Parrot's Beak to be extinct in the wild as none have been found occurring naturally for several years. Back in 1884, the species was already labeled as an exceedingly rare species and its beauty had many collecting them for their gardens or arrangements, making its numbers decline even faster.

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