Cover Page

Vol 1, No 1 (2011): Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business

Bernard Dousset, Anass Elhaddadi, Josiane Mothe

“Content Accessibility and Semantic Networks Processed on Foreign Natural Language Analysis”, pp. 5-18

Dominik Ditter, Klaus Henselmann and Elisabeth Scherr

“Using XBRL Technology to Extract Competitive Information from Financial Statements”, pp. 19-28

Marisela Rodríguez Salvadorand Manuel Alejandro Bautista Reyes

“Methodology of Integration for Competitive Technical Intelligence with Blue Ocean Strategy: Application to an exotic fruit”, pp. 29-39

Sahbi Sidhom and Philippe Lambert

“Information Design for “Weak Signal” detection and processing in Economic Intelligence: A case study on Health resources”, pp. 40-48

Michael Steiner and Michael Ploder

“Knowledge and social networks: New dimensions of economic interaction between firms”, pp. 49-60

Xinzhou Xieand Xuehui Jin

“The Evolution of Competitive Intelligence in China”, pp. 61-75

Luc Grivel and Olivier Bousquet

“Discourse analysis methodology based on semantic principles -Application to brands, journalists and consumers discourses”, pp. 76-86

Anass El Haddadi, Bernard Dousset and Ilham Berrada

“Establishment and application of Competitive

Intelligence System in Mobile Devices”, pp. 87-96

Mourad Oubrich

“Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Creation

- Outward insights from an empirical survey”, pp. 97-106

Szymon Adamala and Linus Cidrin

“Key Success Factors in Business Intelligence”, pp. 107-127