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by leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-31)

DWTS long gown dress Season 16: Week 3 Costume Critique

My premonitions of swimwear manufacturer scary Prom Night costuming on this week's Dancing With the Stars only came true for the outfits of the hosts and judges, thank goodness! Although my high school didn't host a prom, I do have memories of formal events (including my first wedding) in the 70's and 80's, so I do recall ill-fitting, rented pastel men's tuxedos with ruffled skirts similar to Tom's outfit this week.

And with designing for clients in the late 70's and costume manufacturer all though the 1980's, it was really fun to see Brooke all decked out in fine 1980's style! It was also fun to see Len and Bruno in their garish 1970's tuxedos. Carrie Ann was wearing a lovely dress, that did have a little 1970's influence in it, but I'm guessing it's a current style?

I'm ahead of the judge's curve this week, as I'm giving perfect 10's to 3 couples: Kellie Derek, D.L. Cheryl, and Zendaya Val. Both the girls and boys looked great! When will their dancing rate perfect 10s?

I will give the costume designers one negative point for the overuse of those nasty ‘nude' toned elastic straps. Many of the costumes could have been a ‘tad' lovelier if the straps were pretty rather than quote-unquote "invisible" nude elastic. They seemed to be EVERYWHERE this week.

Alexandra Mark danced a lovely lavender Viennese Waltz, although I wasn't impressed with their costuming. I gave them both a 7. Mark was just boring, and not formal. Alexandra's bodice was nice enough, but designed for a woman of any age, not for a teenager. What I really didn't like, was the fit and (lack of) sleekness of her skirt. If you compare the similar skirt of teenager Zendaya, the seams were not laying nicely and there seemed to be too much fullness through the tummy area of Alexandra's skirt. Was it a last-minute alteration? Light-weight, woven fabrics can cause problems without meticulous sewing to create a totally smooth seam.

There was only one score that anyone could possibly give to Sharna, for her Cha Cha costume, and that was 10! Her black ‘wet-look' spandex catsuit with bustier bodice was stunning. And I loved the moderate, yet effective use of jet-colored rhinestones to add a little glitz! Andy's all black suit with red suspenders coordinated well with his partner and especially with their music –with an effective surprise use of ‘6 packs' at the conclusion of his performance!

Not nearly as well done, were Kym Ingo's Paso Doble costumes. Backstage chatting revealed that their ‘reveal' hadn't gone as planned – that the ‘rip off' of Kym's front section of her skirt took several tugs and the removal of her Prom Queen crown also wasn't seamless. Her costume was cut ‘to there' in the front, with a very open back, all in nude-lined red lace to look very naked. Her plain red organza ruffles were pretty blah. The ‘bad boy' look for Ingo involved a bedazzled motorcycle helmet, but then a simple black wife-beater T-shirt and jeans. I scored the couple with moderate scores, for nothing special.

Lisa's Viennese Waltz gown was indeed, a basic Prom dress silhouette, with a strapless bodice, emblazoned with rhinestones, with a Basque waistline (with a highly stoned detail at the front waist point. I didn't care for this feature. Her skirt was demure chiffon over an organza petticoat, all in a pale pastel pink (at least on my television screen). Gleb was very debonair in his black suit and scored a 9, outshining Lisa's look.

Finally, Derek is decked out in an interesting/stylish outfit! I enjoyed the off-shade of blue, for his dinner jacket and printed shirt, keeping his casual look with a bow-tie and jeans to complete his Jive costume. Kellie was adorable in her yellow costume. Big jewels were used on her fully stoned bodice, with a wide cummerbund of a very shiny silvery/gold metallic fabric of some sort. Did you catch a glance of her dance briefs (or shorts?) –they were made out of this same shiny fabric. Her glittery tulle (or mesh) skirt was short and fishlined, suiting her personality and age, perfectly. The design is an example of perfect proportion, with a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio, not cut in half.

Victor and Lindsay's Contemporary costuming was suitably spare. Victor was dapper in his white tuxedo shirt with black, untied bow-tie and trousers. On my television screen, the blues in Lindsay's costume didn't match. The mesh bodice looked baby blue and the shiny lace skirt looked more of an aqua. Also disconcerting was that her midriff area was lined, but the bustline appeared to not be lined (although it was, with a nude lining of some sort). This was not a favorite look of mine, this week.

I loved the very tailored, blue suit worn by D.L. and enjoyed the matching silver lame ‘James Brown' cape that accessorize his Salsa routine. The rhinestone trim on his lapels was perfect for his glitzy, manly style. Even though Cheryl's perfectly matching costume included fishlined organza apple-peel ruffles, the rest of her outfit was very tailored and also perfectly rhinestoned. Her costume was short, sassy and classy!

Jacoby Karina's Rumba costumes also matched each other, but were more ‘ho-hum'. Of course tatoos seemed to be included in the costuming, as Jacoby's shirt, when on, was very open, displaying much muscle and ink. Karina also showed lots of skin, although I actually witnessed some nude fabric panels on the sides of her costume – not because she has anything to hide, but I'm assuming to keep the costume, properly in place, when she danced. The lingerie inspired lace was pretty and coordinated with the peachy/taupe charmeuse skirt and skirt fabric, but I'm tired of her belt circling her natural waistline, which of course is much higher than the upper sections of her skirt or dance bottoms. I gave Karina an 8 and 7 to Jacoby.

Then came Wynonna and Tony's Samba. Tony perfectly personified an 80's rock king, but oh my, Wynonna was difficult to watch. Yes, she danced horribly and luckily can now concentrate on her singing career. As a waistline-challenged person ‘of size', I would not have been caught dead in that awful costume, which the costume department whipped up for Wynonna. The good features? –It was black. It was made of stretchy fabric so that it could dance (although it didn't seem that this was actually necessary, in this case). That's about it…Yes I know it can be difficult to disguise a larger, apple-shaped body, but come on…that short skirt with the wide horizontal pink ruffle that emphasized her width? It was so wrong, and not flattering at all! I felt so uncomfortable for her. It was painful to see.

Sean Peta had an entourage of Village People to supplement their Cha Cha performance, with Bruno augmenting the line for the "Results Show". Sean seems to be sticking with only wearing his interpretation of the most ‘manly' of costumes by donning a wife-beater T-shirt, bib overalls and a hard hat for his construction worker look. Peta was (nearly) outfitted in a diminutive, cute Tahitian-looking costume (perhaps to be politically correct) instead of a Native American Indian costume. I'm thinking Sean is afraid of rhinestones, sequins and definitely ‘studs'. I'm giving a high score for Peta but a really low score for Sean!

But bringing up the rear, in the parade of Prom Kings and Queens, with perfect scores and wonderful dancing were Zendaya Val. Val was totally debonair in his updated and stylish black tuxedo suit. Zendaya was fresh and feminine in her dainty white chiffon gown. Her gores of her skirt were perfectly fitting (and sewn) and cut to a nice, long, fluid length for their Viennese Waltz. The embellishment of both rhinestones and pearls and asymmetrical floral trim was exquisite.

Did we all get our fill of Prom styles this week? What can we expect next week, on Dancing With the Stars?