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by leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-31)

DWTS: halloween costumes outlet Season 22 Semi-Finals Costume Critique

I can't believe lingerie manufacturer china Finals are already happening next week! This season of Dancing with the Stars seems to have gone quickly. Maybe because the producers kept this season to the one show per week format, with the exception of the final week.

In looking for photos, I came across underwear manufacturer china all the stars that are no longer dancing this season. True to format, I will expect to see most of them next week to fill in between the final competitive dances. As the judges stated, any of this week's five remaining couples could have easily progressed to the Finals show. It was sad to see the last two couples go!

Costuming this week was generally really good, with just a few exceptions. I'll start with those. First off, I didn't care for Mark, Alan and Paige's Samba Trio costumes. This was because (1) I'm bored with Mark's quirky styles and (2) for jungle themes and overly feathered costumes, the spare feathers on Paige's bra-top and the cheap-looking black and white turkey feathers of her skirt bustle were just not opulent enough for my taste. Peacock feathers are beautiful, but they were used too sparingly in the loincloth-look adorning the guy's ripped jeans. I wasn't impressed, and I'm ‘over' Mark's love of body paint on his bare chest. I did like the ‘V'-shape created by the beaded fringe on the front of Paige's costume and appreciated that her ‘skirt' wasn't set low, but at her natural waistline. This was the ONLY feature that I enjoyed on their trio costumes.

Nyle's trio included Peta and Jenna. They performed a lively Jive, but with ho-hum costumes. Nyle's plain pants with plain white, very short-sleeved shirt had a bedazzled skinny tie and studded collar. I did enjoy that both ladies sported matching costume styles – with one being white with pink and the other black and blue. The rhinestone bra-tops were OK, but nothing special, especially when paired with very minimal skirt costumes (yes they were short, but they featured minimal details). Their skirts had rhinestoned waistbands, a colorful applique and petticoats – costumes that nearly anyone with minimal skills could throw together. I was not impressed.

Another set of underwhelming costumes were those worn by Antonio and Sharna during their Contemporary routine. I've mentioned before that I'm not a fan of the cliché contemporary costumes of sweat pants and a lingerie/slip outfit. That's what this couple wore, with a rather unattractive mesh-based bodice and deep ‘V' shaped lingerie lace detail –front and back. Sharna's foiled mesh, ankle-length paneled skirt was OK, but nothing special.

Costumes created with class, included the remainder of the competition costumes. Antonio and Sharna's Argentine Tango Trio dance, with Troupe member Hayley, included debonair, brown pin-striped togs for Antonio worn with a deep red shirt and suspenders that coordinated nicely with the ladies' 1940's influenced lingerie/slip costumes. Their red sheer skirts with rhinestone encrusted bustier bodices, (both trimmed with black lace and real straps) were sultry and sensual. A very stark contrast to Sharna's boring Contemporary lingerie look.

Red was also used for the dynamic duds worn in Wanya, Lindsay and Witney's Paso Doble Trio costumes. Wanya was classy in his all black ensemble with red accented details on his cummerbund. It was a really fresh take on a traditional look and it coordinated well with his ladies' strappy costumes, with crisscrossing straps used on their midriffs, legs, arms and necklines. Did you notice that the straps were placed over a (nude) mesh base, in order to keep those narrow bands in place? When labor cost warrant it, this is the best way to secure straps. Although minimal rhinestoned decoration was used on these costumes, they were not boring.

Ginger danced a Paso Doble Trio with Val and Artem and I loved their themed costumes! The guys personified the ‘old movie' look of dusty diablos in their ragged tan and white costumes. Their high-rise suspendered trousers had distressed waistline and side-striped trim, and were worn with dirty white, sleeveless cotton shirts with distressed front trim. Ginger wore a virginal white and yellow corseted ‘old west' saloon girl costume with some yellow rhinestoned bedazzling. The only flaw to her costume was the too-dark ‘nude' elastic straps. In keeping with the historic theme, they certainly could have been some sort of real straps. All-in-all, their trio's costuming was fresh, even though it was ‘dirty'!

Speaking of ‘dirty', Paige and Mark presented an Argentine Tango with a sultry strip tease, with costume parts being ripped off. Len seemed to not appreciate this, but I enjoyed it and felt that nothing was inappropriate to their routine. Paige's ‘little black dress' removed to a modestly cut leotard. Mark's white shirt became part of the routine and covered his black sleeveless undershirt and was worn with black trousers. The couple dresses in contemporary outfits that had enough sparkle and panache to create a pleasing costumed look. Their costumes were something that almost anyone could pull together, but yet their look was special.

Wanya and Lindsay danced the Charleston, wearing costumes reminiscent of the Charleston era of the 1920's. Wanya was dapper in his silver gray vest, trousers and hat, with ‘pops' of color on his lavender shirt, lavender shoes and silver holographic bedazzled bow tie! The 1920's is one of my favorite fashion eras, and I totally enjoyed Lindsay's tight, rhinestoned mesh purple dress with beaded fringe neckline and zig-zag skirt detail. An interesting feature was that the dress was shorter in the back! Generally skirts are even or longer in the back. This surprised me, but it looked fabulous! The only improvement on this costume would have been real straps rather than an excess of nude elastic straps up and down and across Lindsay's back. Bruno critiqued their dancing as ‘jazzy-snazzy' and I have to agree that their costumes were, as well!

Nyle and Peta danced the Argentine Tango with the stunt of a blind-folded Nyle. Fortunately the blindfolded section was a very small portion of their dance. As with Paige and Mark, Nyle was costumed in contemporary togs – in khaki and beige, with suspenders. Peta was in a mesh coral gown with long sleeves and lace and rhinestones minimally added to enhance the costume. The result was a simple, yet classy costume for the couple.

Ginger and Val closed out this week's competition with a Quick Step. Val reprised his brocade jacket with black trim and pants from a previous week's costume closet (no, it wasn't the same jacket, but it was very similar). Ginger wore a sophisticated beige gown with a beautiful satin charmeuse skirt, attached to the bodice at thigh level, with zig-zag seaming and finished with wide horsehair at the hemline. Beautiful and extravagant white beaded appliques adorned her rhinestoned asymmetrical bodice which had one long sleeve and jeweled strap.

I'm sure many of us Dancing with the Stars fans already miss Wanya, Lindsay, Antonio and Sharna, but we can look forward to next week's extravaganza with excitement!