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Exquisite Living Room Preferred Home Theater - Omnos Soundbar

by soundbar top (2017-10-26)

At the moment, like watching movies at home more and more, good picture quality coupled with excellent voice performance, even if the homes can also have a cinema-like audio-visual experience. However, the slim flat-panel TV on the market is now more and more good-looking, but the ultra-thin body is inevitably sacrificed the sound quality of the built-in speaker. Of course, there is a solution to getting good sound quality. The traditional solution is to configure a home theater, but in recent years a new solution was born, that is, Soundbar. As the LCD flat panel TV sound enhancement artifact, Soundbar products are also updated with the flat-panel TV upgrade, and now has been very mature. Today we are going to chat with the Omnos Soundbar.

Unlike the common "Soundbar + Subwoofer" products, Sonn Omnos has improved the traditional 5.1 home theater system, with 5 (3 front speakers, 2 side surround speakers) and 1 (1 bass channel) On the basis of the addition of two upward sky speakers, creating a new "5.1.2" panoramic sound system, so that this compact audio equipment sound effects, close to a set of tens of thousands of 7.1.4 channel tradition Panoramic sound home theater listening experience.

In order to make this home theater more in line with the use of modern home habits, the sound Omnos can use a special communication protocol to connect the Soundbar and subwoofer, 8 meters around the Soundbar, the bass speaker can be placed, built-in Bluetooth and wi-fi Omnos, can also be directly connected with the phone, play audio files. At the same time, the unique back hole and unique grid design, so that subwoofer sound more impact, bass more low. The length and width of the Top Soundbars are also carefully considered by the engineering designer: the length of 870mm, with the modern family living room universal configuration of the 60-inch TV length constitute the golden ratio, while the height of 72mm is lower than the market all the common under the TV The distance between the desktops. Sound Man Technology hope that through this product, the ordinary living room upgrade into a home theater, open the "exquisite living room and sound" home theater light age.

Omnos abandoned the traditional sound appearance of the material, the choice of a more modern home high-end acoustic fabric as a sound appearance of the main material, a variety of colors can be easily equipped with various types of room decoration style. The Nordic minimalist design makes Omnos win the 2017 Red Dot Award.

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