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Eight points need to note when use the Bluetooth speakers:

by soundbar top (2017-09-09)

First, the speaker of the power amplifier fever
Power amplifier for the normal scene, please note that do not place other items in the amplifier (such as DVD, wallpaper, etc.) so easy to heat.

Second, the Bluetooth speaker is no sound
1, first check whether the power plug, the device can be normal power. 2, check the amplifier panel speaker A / B can open. 3, check the power amplifier output device can adjust the correct position.

Third, the TV sound using speakers / Bluetooth speakers to play
(TV / DTV); and adjust the power amplifier to "TV / DTV" status; the TV volume can be small.) The TV and D / D "are connected to the TV input.

Fourth, the speaker of the power to get clean, hustle and bustle level
How to judge the power to get clean it? The more clean the power, the sound sounds the more clear, quiet, transparent, and the sense of level will be better. The correct sound should be bass sweet and sweet, midrange full full, high volume and flexible.

5, speakers / Bluetooth speakers burning machine
The so-called burning machine is similar to the mechanical machine run-in period, the audio equipment will be a certain task, so that the temperature inside the machine and the ambient temperature of the opposite, so that the task of the various types of reduction to reach the best point, optimal. BeSound's rugby sound has a football look and can be carried with you. The special design of the angle of change makes the music play space in every corner can get the best audio-visual effect.

Six, the convergence of the speaker
1. Do not connect satellite audio to the amplifier input, first connect satellite audio and high Top Soundbars speakers, then connect the high speakers to the amplifier.
2. Do not use broken or worn wire, otherwise it will lead to fragmented damage. 
3. Before connecting, please close your amplifier and disconnect the AC power socket, otherwise it will lead to fragmented damage. 4. Do not connect the loudspeaker to the TV, unless it has a compacted or full-channel zoom input. 
5. Do not let the exposed speaker lines come into contact with each other, which can damage the amplifier.

Seven, speaker / Bluetooth speaker normal task temperature
The normal task temperature of the audio equipment should be 18 ° C to 45 ° C. Temperature is too low will reduce the sensitivity of the machine; too high temperature is easy to burn the components, or delay the aging of components. Audio equipment should not be exposed to direct sunlight, but also to prevent access to heat sources, such as heaters, refrigerators and so on.

Eight, the machine should be used
Commonly used to extend the life of the machine, such as some with the motor part of the body (recording seat, CD CD player, DVD laser disc machine, etc.).

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