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How to choose an ideal soundbar for our TV

by soundbar top (2017-09-25)

The 4K televisions have definitely settled in our market, more and more models are available and prices more affordable. With them there is a complement of sound that has caught especially force in the market during this last year, the bars of sound. The easy installation and its aesthetics makes it perfectly suited to televisions. However there are endless models with different features and sometimes it can be a real headache to choose the one that best suits our needs. Here are the features you should keep in mind to decant for one or the other.

Subwoofer yes or no?

It is always very recommendable to have a good subwoofer built in, when watching movies or listening to your favorite music you will be grateful. With a subwoofer you can hear the bass sounds with greater clarity and give you more sense of being immersed in a movie as if you were in the cinema room. In addition there are many of them that can be connected via Bluetooth so you will not need to have loose wires and aesthetically will always be more enjoyable to watch.


Sometimes we fall into the error of guiding us mainly by the power at the time of opting for a sound bar. This feature should not be the most influential, the reason is that there are many brands that offer a very high amount of power when you do not really need so many for home use, everything will depend on the size of the room and usually with 120 W is more than enough. Another recommendation is to always set the Watios RMS which is the actual power of each soundbar.

Sound systems 2.0, 2.1, 5.1?

This is due to the number of speakers that each bar of sound, the models with 2.0 or 2.1 are the most common and does not mean that they do not have a good sound quality. This will depend a lot on the manufacturer but the models with 2 channels meet widely the demands of most people. However if you want to invest a little more and enjoy surround sound it is best to opt for at least a 5.1 sound bar. Also if it incorporates Dolby Digital and compatibility with 3D and 4K much better.


With the incursion of new smartphones is becoming more normal the connection without cables. So if you want to play your music from your mobile devices we recommend that you incorporate Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi connection. Also new Smarts TV incorporate Bluetooth connection so you can connect everything without cables. On the other hand it is also essential that you have HDMI output and interesting that you have optical output so you can even connect more speakers.


This is another factor that influences quite a bit, the chosen top soundbars not only should not out of tune with the television finish, but also must maintain a harmony in the shapes and colors. The designs are usually made to go unnoticed and perfectly complement the model of the television. They can also be installed easily on the wall.


We get to the key point, how much should one spend on a sound bar? That will depend on the needs of each person, in our store we have them from 89.99 $, but if you want models with higher sound levels we invite you to visit our Sound Bars on our website.


The success that has suffered in the last year the sound bars is due in large part to its simple installation and its compact and aesthetic format. It is the preferred sound system for televisions above and already Home Cinema equipment. We are faced with an almost obligatory purchase if you want to enjoy a complete UHD experience. Its affordable prices do nothing more than add points in favor of becoming an indispensable for this year's purchases.

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