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should all students learn a coding language like python?

by Alexandra Grayson (2017-09-19)

Lets look at the facts which I found out when had to do my python homework:
1) Compared to the 1980s we live in a MUCH more technologically advanced era. Supercomputers in our pockets. Billions connected via email, facebook etc. 
2) By 2020 there will be ONE million unfilled technology jobs in America. Other developed countries are experiencing similar shortages 
3) We have a widening gap between the rich and poor - particularly between "white, middle- and upper-middle class students" and everyone else. I wonder why? Maybe it's that boutique learning. 
4) Over 50% of STEM PhDs in the USA go to foreign born students. And tens of thousands of new STEM engineers are needed every year via the H-1B program.  
5) These jobs START around $60k a year and quickly rise to $100k or more 
If you don't see the inevitability that this MUST and WILL happen then the future belongs to countries like Ireland, England, Estonia, China that are pushing Software skills all the way down to 1st grade.

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