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education brings stress

by Amelia Goldwin (2017-07-13)

I honestly feel bad for this kids. As I have reported in my term paper at, these schools and colleges workshops are taking the joy out of learning. I didn't graduate in the top half of my high school class and needed a little extra time to set my bearings straight. When I finally did get my act together, I went to a state school, worked hard, enjoyed the process of learning and enriching my mind. I finally graduated and got accepted to an excellent doctoral program for medical physics...and I was able to compete for my spot with the kids who went to "fancy" brand name schools. I knew my stuff very well and my personality was also a huge factor in my acceptance.
College is clearly a big business and they have manipulated their market into thinking that students need to go to some fancy Ivy League college to enjoy any modicum of success. The saddest thing is that half these kids don't even know why they are breaking their backs to get into some of these schools; they are just doing it because they are told to do so or their classmates are.


Re: education brings stress

by sumarnirini sumarnirini sumarnirini sumarnirini (2018-03-06)

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