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essaytyper on corporate management

by Lena Graham (2017-10-12)

According to my essay from, Thomas Watson Jr., son of the founder, was one of the last CEOs with a conscience. He could not justify a huge salary for himself without making sure his employees shared in the company's success. IBM employees at all levels, managers, engineers, machinists - were at the top of their salary structure. They enjoyed benefits like almost total medical coverage. When called to military service, the company made up the difference in their pay up their difference in pay. For company morale, IBM had employee country clubs with golf courses, pools, ball fields, concert bands. Company schools provided post graduate continuing education at work and with tuition reimbursement for colleges. 
If a union organizer showed up, it was the employees that chased him off, not the management. 
And the company made huge amounts of money, and plowed it into research for new products that made even more money. 
If American companies went back to that standard, we would be a great country again. But political and corporate greed will prevent that. We are a fallen state. There is no knight in shining armor on the horizon - just more greed no matter how it is exercised - outsourcing, illegal alien labor, money laundering. 
It was good times, and they are forever gone.

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