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How to pick more tricky mini portable speakers?

by soundbar top (2017-10-11)

Small body has great strength

The greater the output power, the stronger the shock effect of the speaker, select the indoor speakers, space and output power have a certain match, and portable outdoor speakers although the body is limited, but also have different output, usually mini portable speaker output power in 3 -12, some brands can reach more than 15W.

If you like to walk in the ride, you can have the heart of music is too hinder others, 3-10W like, if you prefer the wind and rock, in the output power, 12W above the shock can make you satisfied. To pay attention to, no distortion of the effective output power and the maximum or there is a gap.

Good sound quality but also high fidelity

Frequency response range and signal to noise ratio is to consider the other two speakers, the greater the frequency range, the better the quality of the bass, professional brand will be marked in the back of the high-definition db error; the greater the signal to noise ratio, the more noise in the music Small, generally choose to be greater than 70dB or more mini speakers, the same conditions, the higher the better.

Life is long enough not lonely

Power exhausted, the music disappeared on the way, it is boring, affect the mood. At present, outdoor portable speakers play time can reach more than 5 hours, you can choose to play longer than 8 hours, and some can also be more than 16 hours of long life, do not always charge for God.

The beach to the waves to be waterproof

The island has always been a popular choice for outdoor travel, beach water, yacht sightseeing and other happy moments, accompanied by music more romantic, anti-water speakers can withstand a certain water pressure, you can see similar products IPX4, IPX7 , The greater the number, the higher the level of waterproof.

Some can listen to play

Smart portable speakers, the speaker is no longer just playing music media, you can through it can be creative games, pixel chat, cloud upload and so on, you even suspect that it was before you know the speaker?

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