Integration of Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management – A literature review


  • Najibeh Abbasi Rostami



In today’s world data are so numerous that technology is needed to cope with this knowledge. Business  Intelligence (BI)  is  a  process that involves sorting all the collected information and select those that are relevant. BI provides critical insights that help organizations make right decisions. Knowledge management (KM) is a key approach to solving current problems. KM can be defined as a systematic process of finding, selecting, organizing, distilling  and  presenting  information  in  a  way  that improves  an  employee's  comprehension  in  a  specific  area  of interest. BI  and  KM  play  an  important  role  in improving  the  qualitative  and  quantitative  value  of  information  available  for  decision making.  KM and BI can also benefit from each other. It seems that integration of BI and KM can help organizations achieve wider benefits.  Integration of BI and KM will not only help to promote and enhance knowledge for better decision making, but also improve an organization’s performance. Therefore it is imperative for organizations to have both BI and KM as an integrated system to get full value from both. This paper is a literature review which shows the importance of BI and KM Integration through a series of models.




Opinion Section