Towards a digital enterprise: the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the hiring process


  • Karim AMZILE FSJES-Agdal-UM5-Rabat
  • Mohamed BERAICH
  • Imane AMOURI
  • Cheklekbire MALAININE



Artificial Neural Network , Human resources, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Enterprise, Recruitment


In this paper, we proposed a decision support tool for recruiters to improve their hiring decisions of suitable candidates for such a vacancy post. For this purpose, we proposed the use of the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method from Artificial Intelligence (AI), thus we used real data from a semi-public recruitment agency in Morocco. However, for the adopted methodology, we used the process opted by the methods and techniques related to Data Mining. As a result, after completing the modelling process, we were able to obtain a model capable of predicting the decision to accept or reject such a candidate for such a vacancy. However, we obtained a model with an accuracy of 99% as well as with a very low error rate. However, our results show that Artificial Intelligence techniques can provide a better decision support tool for recruiters while minimising the cost and time of processing applications and maximising the accuracy of the decisions made.


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