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JISIB has entered into an electronic licensing relationship with EBSCO Publishing. It has also been selected to appear in EBSCO’s Business Source Complete database, which according to the company publishes “Superior Academic Journals (…) with premium content of peer-reviewed, business related journals. “ JISIB now also fulfills the official criteria of Thomson Reuters to be cited in their ISI Web of Knowledge database. As such it has applied to be included in the database. However, by experience with other journals, we know this process can still take considerable time. After having had the journal’s first annual meeting for editors in December we would like to thank the old board members who are leaving and welcome the new ones.


Most contributions continue to come from best papers from a number of conferences related to Intelligence Studies. Two out of five articles come from ECKM 2012, which was held 6-7 September in Cartagena, Spain. Track co-chairs for the Mini Track on Competitive Intelligence and KM was G. Scott Erickson, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY and Helen N. Rothberg, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York. Two other articles are revised versions of papers presented at ECIS, but not previously published in journals.


The article by Helen N. Rothberg and G. Scott Erickson is about how to benchmark competitive intelligence activities. The paper identifies and measures different circumstances in which knowledge development and knowledge protection can have greater or lesser importance for a company.  The authors believe that the results will start to move scholarly work in the field into the new areas of macro studies and strategic choice. The article by Stéphan Goria is on board wargames for businesses. It also gives a broad background of this field of study with the history of wargames and numerous historical examples. Moreover Goria shows the benefits with wargames by creating a new game and testing it for a market situation which found place in France between Nintendo and Sony. The article by Yasmina Amara, Klaus Solberg Søilen and Dirk Vriens proposes a way to evaluate business intelligence software by introducing a new model, the SSAV model. The article by Marisela Rodriguez Salvador and Luis Francisco Salinas Casanova applies a Competitive Intelligence model to analyze Thermoplastics Elastomers (TE), a class of polymers, for a company in Mexico. The model shows numerous novel findings with important implications for the company. Finally, the article by Klaus Solberg Søilen and Anders Hasslinger show how vendors of Business Intelligence software try to differentiate themselves in this market.


Competitive Intellligence; business intelligence;

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