A business intelligence framework for Sultan Qaboos University: A case study in the Middle East


  • Saud Sultan Al Rashdi
  • Smitha Sunil Kumaran Nair




Business intelligence, decision making, key business activity key performance indicator, maturity assessment, performance management


Higher education institutions generate big data, yet they are not exploited toobtain usable information. Making sense of data within organizations becomes the key factorfor success in maintaining sustainability within the market and gaining competitiveadvantages. Business intelligence and analytics addresses the challenges of data visibility anddata integrity that helps to shift the big data to provide deep insights into such data. Thisresearch aims to build a customized business intelligence (BI) framework for Sultan QaboosUniversity (SQU). The research starts with assessing the BI maturity of the educationalinstitutions prior to implementation followed by developing a BI prototype to test BI capabilitiesof performance management in SQU. The prototype has been tested for the key business activity(KBA): teaching and learning at one college of the university. The results show that theaggregation of the different KBAs and KPIs will contribute to the overall SQU performance andwill provide better visibility of how SQU as an organization is functioning, which is the keytowards the successful implementation of BI within SQU in the future.