Identifying key effective factors on the implementation process of business intelligence in the banking industry of Iran


  • Salah Rezaie
  • Seyed Javad Mirabedini
  • Ataollah Abtahi



Banking industry, business intelligence, fuzzy Delphi technique, implementing business intelligence, key factors


Though many organizations have turned to developing and using businessintelligence systems, not all have been successful in implementing such systems. These systemshave social-technical dimensions with many elements and are very complicated. Numerousstudies have been carried out on implementation and employment of business intelligence, butin the past studies only specific aspects and dimensions have been addressed. The aim of thisstudy is to identify key factors in the implementation process of business intelligence in theIranian banking industry. The present research is objectively applied as a survey study inimplementation strategy. Also it is a descriptive study in terms of the research plan and datacollection where two documentary and field study methods have been used for collecting data.The statistical population of this study comprises experts and professionals in informationtechnology who are active in implementing solutions for business intelligence in the bankingindustry of Iran. In this study, 16 people were chosen based on non-random judgment samplingcombined with targeted and snowball sampling as a statistical sample and their viewpointswere extracted and refined using the Fuzzy Delphi Technique. First through studying pastresearch records and reviewing literature of effective factors in implementing businessintelligence process, 37 factors were identified. Then by implementing five rounds of the FuzzyDelphi Technique, 39 factors were confirmed as significant among 37 factors affecting thebusiness intelligence implementation process in past studies and 10 factors proposed by experts.Also, these 39 factors were classified in nine main groups including organizational, human, dataquality, environmental, system ability, strategic, service quality, technical infrastructure, andmanagerial factors. Managers and executives of business intelligence projects in Iran's bankingindustry can achieve the given objectives and results by considering such significant factors inplanning and taking measures related to effective implementation of business intelligence.