Users’ perceptions of Data as a Service (DaaS)


  • Klaus Solberg Søilen



business intelligence as a service, DaaS, data governance, data steward, DBaaS, ethics, Intelligence as a Service (IaaS), management of data


In this study, 190 market intelligence (MI), competitive intelligence (CI) andbusiness intelligence (BI) professionals and experts were asked about Data as a Service (DaaS). Findings show there were few limits or restrictions on what kind of data users could imagine buying or renting, if all types of data were available. Data that is more sensitive—personal data and private data—will be difficult to buy, users think. Company secrets and most data for business-to-business (B2B) industries is especially difficult to obtain. The major concerns forDaaS from a user perspective are confidentiality, quality, reliability, security and accessibility. Besides, it is often pointed out by users that when everyone has much of the same data competition will increase. Users want to see more on company metrics, less expensive, more secure and more flexible data solutions. The analysis reveals that the ethical dimension are a major concern as DaaS develops. An extensive discussion follows, which also addresses newpoints.


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