Journal History

The foundation of the Open Access Journal JISIB was announced during the ECIS (European Competitive Intelligence Symposium) Conference 2011 in Bad Nauheim, Germany. The first initiative towards the creation of the journal was taken at the ECIS 2009 Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Founding editors for the journal are Prof. Henri Dou and Prof. Per Jenster.

Between 2009 and 2011, an initial group worked to gather and invite research-reknown academics at conferences related to intelligence studies in business to sit as representatives on the Editorial Board.

At ECIS 2009 it was decided that Editorial Board members are to be selected based on the following criteria: 1. Academic Position, 2. Publication record, 3. Contributions at existing academic conferences, and 4. Geographical location. Managerial Board positions are selected based on influence and seniority within the industry/field. All positions are reevaluated annually.

JISIB is published by Halmstad University and owned by Adhou Communications AB. 

The name of the journal was the result of discussions at ECIS 2011 Conference in Bad Nauheim. Sheila Wright may have been the person that initially proposed the name.

Profile Design: The journal title and logo are designed with the Gertrud typeface, which was created by designer Bo Berndal and named after his wife:

"Gertrud is a calligraphic letter design from the 16th century. I used it when I engrossed diplomas with a flat-nibbed pen in the 1980’s. When I got my Mac I generated the typeface in Fontographer."

The journal colors are "Almoge" blue on an egg-white background.

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